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    Day Porter Service is the cornerstone of our business. We dispatch a professional cleaning crew to hand clean and blow the store front areas, the parking lots and landscape areas of your retail shopping center or commercial building. The schedule is flexible depending of your needs. A list of our specifications can be provided upon request.


    Janitorial Service is the interior cleaning of your commercial or multi tenant / family building. Our trailed and properly equipped team will clean your property from top to bottom on the schedule you require. We offer both day and night cleaning services.


    Windows are a reflection of your property from both the inside and out. We offer professional window cleaning up to three stories for all commercial properties. Sorry we do not do residential windows.


    A high pressure power washing unit consisting of the hot water burner, pressure generator and water tank is dispatched on the schedule you request to your property. Service includes sidewalk cleaning, stairs, dumpster enclosure and aprons, grease traps, bird debris and anything else you may encounter. Day and night service schedules are available.


    Our fleet of truck mounted, gps tracked, sweeping machines are dispatched nighly to clean parking lots, drives, alleys and any other open areas. Our two man crew will brush your cubs, blow dividers and hard to reach areas and sweep the main drives on the schedule that fits your needs.


    Stuff happens everyday ay most public buildings. You need someone to call to take care of that stuff. Our maintenance team is professional and qualified. We happily do any size job for our customers. let us help you. We do not offer maintenance service to non contract customers.

    "Our goal is to achieve 100% satisfaction with the services we provide to you. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. When we fall short, what measures us against our competitors, is how quickly 

    we correct our mistakes." 

    Ask our clients about our customer service standards.

    John Martensen - Owner RPS

    Our Mission

    Retail Property Services offers complete property maintenance solutions and services. We have 21 years of industry experience and relationships.  We have been around for a long time and we will be around in the future.

    Our Power Washing and Sweeping teams are out during the nighttime hours cleaning our customers sidewalks and parking lots. Our Day Porter, Window Cleaning and Maintenance teams are out during the daytime hours cleaning and maintaining our customers properties. Our office staff is also hard at work, during normal business hours, taking care of all of our clients needs.  Anytime, we have you covered.

    Our system was designed to make sure our clients are receiving the very best service. We do this by providing quality training and supervision. The Day Porters are the first ones on the properties so they report any property damage, then they report on the quality of sweeping and power washing teams. If something is not up to our standard we take care of it right then with our Porter teams or by recalling our sweepers and/or power washers. Nothing is ever left unaddressed.

    The supervisors are then dispatched to insure that the Porters, Window Cleaners and Handymen are all doing what they are supposed to be doing and doing it to the highest standard. They also validate the porters reports adding a second layer of supervision to our work.

    We do not offer the least expensive services, buy we strive to be the best and most responsive.




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